Carp Fishing - Bivvies & Shelters

A Carp Bivvy, also known as a fishing bivvy, is an essential piece of equipment for anglers who enjoy overnight fishing sessions. These fishing shelters provide a comfortable and protective environment for anglers to spend extended periods by the water. Carp bivvies come in one or two-man options, catering to individual or shared fishing experiences. They are designed to be lightweight and portable, making them easy to transport and set up at the fishing spot. With features such as windows, ventilation, and ample space for a bedchair and fishing gear, carp bivvies ensure that anglers can stay sheltered and focused on their fishing pursuits, regardless of the weather conditions.

Here at Crowthorne Angling Centre we stock brands such as , Fox Frontier Trakker Tempest RS, Fox EOS 2-man Bivvy, Nash titan Hide Camo