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Greys Platinum Extreme Flyline WF7 Translucent Intermediate


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The Greys Platinum Extreme Fly Line lives up to its name, delivering optimum presentation and extreme casting with minimal effort, to achieve distances like you’ve never seen before.

This range of lines are built with an Ultra low memory to straighten out your loops and enhances your casts, allowing them to be smooth, long and deliver excellent line presentation.

The pronounced front taper, short rear taper and overall low diameter combined together produce incredible power and effortless distance casting. The smooth, slick finish helps the line travel out farther and will enhance the casting performance when your line passes through your rod guides.

The lines all include a dual colour with a high-vis running line for optimum casting and bite indication. Ultra low memory Smooth, slick finish Dual colour with high-vis running line

Optimum casting and bite indication

Modified taper

Overall low diameter

Effortless distance casting

38ft head length 120ft overall length


*Not supplied with braided loops*