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Carp Spirit Medium Curve Shank Micro Barb – Size 8 x10


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This is a brand new pattern which has been created by combining short and long shank curved hooks resulting in a very effective hook.
Featuring a slightly downturned eye, this hook turns the instant you tighten the hooklink ensuring that it hooks up straight away.
Suitable for a wide variety of rigs, it will also prove very popular for use with the 360° rig.
Razor Point Hooks
The range of Razor Point hooks is made from the highest quality steel.
A finish in grey PTFE.
A long tip ‘razor’ with Durapoint technology which increases the life duration of the tip and allows to hooks to be used for multiple captures without deterioration of the tip’s prickle.
A particular attention is put to ensure that the eyelet is completely closed to avoid any deterioration of the tackles.
A micro barb to avoid creating an opening so wide in the fish’s mouth during the fight and prevent that the fish spits the hook too easily.
Each hook is forged for having a maximum strength.
Box of 10 pcs, each hook is individually presented with a perfect presentation and maximum protection of the hooks during the transport.