Chub Precision Lite Full Pod System


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Chub Precision Lite Full Pod System. Brand New

Total RRP Price – £263.91 – Our Price £124.99 Delivered.

Full stainless steel precision-engineered rod pod system.

The system includes the following items.

The standard system comes with the following items.

Chub Precision Lite 2/3 Rod Adjustable Buzz Bars – RRP £64.99
Chub Precision Lite Pod Base – RRP £99.99
Chub Precision Lite 9-15 inch Adjustable Bank Sticks x 4 RRP £17.99 each
Chub Precision Butt Rests x 3 RRP £8.99 each

Butt Rests come in 2 size. Standard that suit Abbreviated and Shrink Wrap Handles, and Large which suit Duplon and Cork Handles.
We also have some 12-20 inch Adjustable Bank Sticks if you would prefer 2 or 4 of these instead of the 9-15 inch. £5 additional per 12-20 inch bank stock.
Please let us know by message if you would prefer either 12-20 inch sticks or large butt rests. If we don’t hear from you we will send Standard Butt Rests and 9-15 inch Sticks x 4