FOX Black Label Edition Isotopes – (Micro bobbin heads) White – 3mm x 25mm

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Fox Black Label Bobbin Isotope

Designed to fit onto the Bite Indictors in the exceptional Black Label range from Fox, these White Isotopes are the perfect solution for those long overnight sessions. Available in two sizes, these Black Label Isotopes will fit both the micro bobbin head and the standard bobbin head. In a brilliant white, these Black Label Isotopes will make it incredibly easy to spot your bobbin in low light levels.

Isotopes are one of the handiest angling accessories to have in your tackle box. These little illuminating sticks make spotting your bite indicators quick and simple in low light levels – perfect for when your bite alarm starts to scream in the dead of night. Not only this, but you can attach your isotopes to a number of other objects to make your night fishing excursions that little bit easier. Gluing an isotope to the pull point on your bivvy zip will make that fumble out into the dark towards your alarm that little bit easier. You could also fasten an isotope or two onto your tackle box, in case you need to make any late night rig changes! The possibilities are as vast as your imagination!

Fox has been producing innovative carp fishing tackle solutions ever since the 1960s when Cliff Fox first began manufacturing balsa wood floats in his mother’s garage. The business took off and Fox International is currently the largest privately owned tackle manufacturer in Europe! With a product portfolio that includes everything from top quality rods to nifty accessories such as these Black Label Isotopes and a legacy that spans over 50 years you’ll be hard pushed to find an angler who hasn’t fished with a Fox product at some point in their career.

FOX Black Label Edition Isotopes – (Micro bobbin heads) White – 3mm x 25mm Key Features:

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