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Daiwa Black Widow BR Reel


This Black Widow BR reel series from Daiwa has been produced to perfectly complement the Black Widow rod series, which contains a mix of pike rodscarp rods, and specialist rods. This reel would work perfectly with any of these top class rods. The Dawia Black Widow BR has also been modelled on the incredibly popular shape of the Emcast BR and this reel is a performance piece with Daiwa’s bite ‘n’ run technology as its starring feature. The bite ‘n’ run mechanism is adjustable, with a variety of sensitivity applications, enabling this rod to be used for fishing a number of target species. These include carp, eel, and zander, making this reel incredibly versatile and ideal for use across the disciplines.


However, this wouldn’t be a top quality Daiwa reel if it wasn’t also packed with a number of other outstanding features. One such feature is infinite anti-reverse. As the name suggests, this feature reduces rearward backplay to almost zero, helping to enable a solid hook set time after time. Another world class feature on the Daiwa Black Widow BR is Airbail, which allows even loose line to slide onto the line roller without hooking or snagging. This comes into play on both the cast and retrieve, ensuring that you can experience a faultless performance for the entirety of your time at the water’s edge. Similarly, Twist Buster reduces line twist on the line roller. This enables this reel to perform perfectly with both thin monofilament and braided mainlines alike – further increasing the versatile all-round performance of the reel.


Three ball bearings, as well as an additional roller bearing, ensure that the Black Widow BR not only performs with all the ease of movement you’d expect from Daiwa reel but they also work to extend the lifespan of the reel by significantly reducing the friction wear-and-tear in the vital moving segments of the reel. As an additional durability feature, the Daiwa Black Widow BR is also fitted with a lifetime bail spring, so you can rest assured that this reel will last as long on the bank as you do. The Black Widow BR is fitted with an aluminium spool and handle as standard, and the handle knob is soft touch for ease of grip. The reel has an impressive 4.6:1 gear ratio, too. This means that you can be confident in this reel’s ability to handle anything you throw at it, whether you’re tackling a monster carp or a hard fighting eel. The Daiwa Black Widow BR is available in four sizes at 500 intervals between 3500 and 5000. This ensures that there is always a top quality Black Widow BR that is perfect for your needs and this reel offers exceptional versatility and unrivalled performance. What’s more, this reel looks good too! Finished in a stunning all black, this reel will sit perfectly on any modern fishing rod – whether that’s one of Daiwa’s own Black Widow rods or any other high performance angling tool.


Daiwa have been producing world class reels since the company was first established over 60 years ago. Originally based in Hiroshima, the Japanese company has offices all over the world, and Scotland boasts the largest Daiwa factory outside of the Far East. This means that many of the products we have on sale have been manufactured here in the UK, to exacting Japanese standards – ensuring an exceptionally high quality of design a build. The Black Widow BR showcases fantastic Daiwa technology at an exceptional price.