Daiwa Legalis Match & Feeder 2508 x3


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This reel looks good at first glance. Simply styled in classic black, and finished with a bright, striking flash of orange gold; it’s easy to imagine the way that will catch the light when you’re casting out.


With plenty of top end features, including Quick Drag. When you need to bring your line in fast, either because you’ve got a hard-fighting fish hooked, or you’ve seen some action that suggests a tackle change is in order, the smooth action and tangle-free speed that QD offers comes in really handy, and ensures you can totally relax into your fishing, however intense it gets.


Daiwa’s familiar Digigear gearing system is locked and loaded, adding to the smooth, reliable run that the Legalis offers, and making it the ideal reel for a variety of angling challenges, with the capacity to effortlessly take each and every cast out to exactly where it needs to go, putting your bait among the fish, and taking some of the effort of angling out of your hands.


This reel could prove to be a showcase for Daiwa quality, with design features that are focused on performance and success, including the distance control line clip – a new feature with the Legalis – and Twistbuster technology, which ensures those epic casts flow freely, and land perfectly, with exactly the presentation you want.


Hardbodyz is a construction system that’s unique to Daiwa. Combining faultless design and precision processing with a top quality alloy, reels can be crafted that offer competitive advantage and enhanced performance, without hitting anglers in the pocket – always a bonus, when you’ve got bills to pay as well as a hobby to fund. The quality construction and durable material give a nice, light robustness, that feels easy to handle, but will still stand the test of time over several active sessions, and more than a few bumpy barrow rides. If your match angling features a lot of long road trips in rough and ready Transit vans, then the Daiwa Legalis is a reel you can rely on to stand up to the stresses of the journey, and still give a smooth, relaxed, on-point performance once you’re casting out from your peg; just what you need when you’re committed to competition.


As any match angler will tell you, five hours can put a lot of situations in front of you. The full spec spare spool that’s supplied with the Legalis ensures you’re always able to quickly change up, and make the most of whatever presents itself, shaving vital seconds off a performance that could go on to be a record-breaker.


All in all, the Legalis is a lovely little reel, with plenty of power backing up a simple yet eye catching style. Definitely one to pack whatever your hopes for the day ahead.

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