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Drennan Carp Method Hair Rigs 18 to 6


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The hooks are a double extra strong pattern which uses the same proven shape as the Barbless Carp Feeder. Its special bend definitely helps to hook and land more carp.


Tied to 3” (8cm) of mono, these Method Hair Rigs are presented lying straight and flat rather than partly coiled. Ready to use, straight from the packet and even with the thickest mono used, the line has not taken up an unfortunate ‘coil’ or set.


The length of the hair has been carefully matched to the hook size, getting progressively longer from 18’s to 8’s to correctly accommodate the different sizes of bait appropriate to each hook.



  • Special bend
  • Extra strong pattern
  • Designed for use with method feeders
  • 90mm long hooklengths
  • 8 hook­lengths per packet