Drennan Float Fish [ 2.6lb, 3.2lb, 4.4lb, 5.0lb, 6.0lb ]

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The latest Drennan Float Fish 2.6lb retains many essential characteristics of the original classic and now has even greater knot strength. In tests, using a traditional five-turn grinner knot, the improved Float Fish is as much as 8oz (228g) stronger for each given diameter. This olive-green mono comes on 100m spools and is perfect for use as a reel line. It is deliberately not an ultra limp material and this fractional extra stiffness is a great asset for good float control and line pick up. A gloss finish also helps it to grip the surface tension. It has the ideal buoyancy for float fishing, so it will float immediately after casting if left unchecked, but will sink cleanly with a quick flick of the rod tip. Importantly, it doesn’t sink too far beneath the surface. This helps greatly with line pick up and also ensures a large sunken bow isn’t created that could inadvertently drag your float towards you. Float Fish is also a relatively hard material with great abrasion resistance. These properties ensure it has a high resistance to damage caused by placing shot onto the line.  

Drennan Float Fish [ 2.6lb, 3.2lb, 4.4lb, 5.0lb, 6.0lb ] Key Features:

Drennan Float Fish 2.6lb Key Features:

  • 100m spools
  • Olive green colour
  • Gloss surface finish
  • Improved knot strength
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good resistant to shot damage
  • Low memory
  • 2.6lb (0.14mm) to 6.0lb (0.22mm) sizes
  • Ideal for use as a reel line
  • Perfect for float fishing

Drennan Float Fish Line is also available in :

  • Drennan Float Fish 2.6lb (1.2kg) 0.14mm
  • Drennan Float Fish 3.2lb (1.45kg) 0.16mm
  • Drennan Float Fish 4.4lb (2.0kg) 0.18mm
  • Drennan Float Fish 5.0lb (2.25kg) 0.20mm
  • Drennan Float Fish 6.0lb (2.75kg) 0.22mm
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