Drennan In-Line Olivette 0.6g


Drennan In-Line Olivette 0.6g

The Drennan In-Line Olivette is a set of weights designed to streamline your fishing gear. Unlike traditional black weights, these ones are finished in a non-flash camo bronze for a more subtle appearance. The sizes are also engraved on the side for easy identification. Additionally, the line is threaded through the centre of each weight, ensuring that they will not come off. This feature makes them ideal for snaggy swims or when targeting big fish.

Drennan In-Line Olivette Key Features:

  • Available in 23 different sizes
  • Cannot be inter-changed
  • Perfect for permanent rigs
  • Better suited for playing big fish
  • Finished in an unobtrusive camo olive/bronze
  • Each individual olivette is size engraved
  • Complete with soft silicone tube

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