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Drennan Super Specialist Extendable Twist Lock 3m Landing Net Handle


Drennan Super Specialist Extendable Twist Lock 3m Landing Net Handle This Super Specialist Extendable Landing Net Handle from Drennan is the perfect solution for the specialist angler looking to extend their reach over the water. Constructed from high-modulus carbon – a material more closely associated with rods than nets – with a wide graphite band, this handle is strong and rigid. No longer do you have to contend with nets bending towards the water as you struggle to lift your catch from the lake – with this handle you can land your catch with ease. The rigidity of the handle also means it is the perfect tool for landing barbel in fast rivers, as well as contending with carp who require significantly larger landing nets. Designed with longevity in mind, the screw fitting at the head of the handle is constructed from machined brass, which has been sealed. This prevents water from seeping into the top section of the landing net handle and rusting vital parts. Thanks to the extendable design of this handle, you’re able to reach far out into the water with ease. With a reach that extends between 1.6m and 3m you can set your handle to the perfect length using Drennan’s simple twist and lock system. A quarter turn will lock your handle into place, so you can set up quickly if the situation calls for it. Drennan warns against routinely over-locking (twisting further than 90 degrees) as it will reduce the lifespan of the handle and the handle is supplied with an instruction booklet for handle maintenance to ensure you can get the most from your handle. Drennan has been producing expert tackle ever since Peter Drennan first began producing balsa wood floats in 1967. The official sponsors of Team England, Drennan is a coarse and match fishing expert and all its tackle has been designed with improving catch rates in mind.


Key Features

  • Manufactured from high modulus carbon
  • Wide band graphite over wrap
  • Extra rigid
  • Standard screw fitting
  • Handle extends from 1.6m to 3m
  • Quarter turn, twist lock design
  • Rigid to support large landing nets


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