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Dynamite Baits Frenzied Black Tiger Nuts Boosted Fishing Hookbaits 500ml


The four new Dynamite Baits hookbaits are going to make your next fishing trip a sure thing. These preservative-free, big size options will be available in 500ml tubs and come with all of the same great features that you’ve grown accustomed to from the Frenzied particle range.

The Dynamite Baits fishing hook bait is a great option for when you want to add some extra oomph. It works as both an attractor and changer, ensuring that your catch stays interesting no matter what they’re after! If you prefer using a hookbait that is more subtle, try the Dynamite Baits frenzied black tiger nuts. These can also serve as an effective snail imitation bait for those who want to be spot on with their cast and recovery times!

The Dynamite Baits Black Tiger Nuts hook bait is perfect for use in conjunction with the hugely popular Frenzied Tigers or particle feeds. These cooked, oozing nuts come pre-flavoured to give you that extra boost when fooling wary monster carp and other difficult fish species!


Key Features
Cooked in thick, Tiger Nut syrup
Natural colours
Can be hair-rigged without drilling
500ml jars


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