ESP Cryogen Claw Hammer [ Micro Barbed / Barbless ]


ESP Cryogen Claw Hammer Fishing Hooks, The ESP Cryogen Claw Hammer Hook is made with heavy gauge wire for maximum strength and durability, perfect for the most challenging catches. The unique twin tempering process involving cryogenic freezing gives these hooks an edge over the competition, while the PTFE coating ensures a smooth, sleek finish. With a razor sharp hook point and wide gape, the ESP Cryogen Claw Hammer Hook is your go-to choice for a reliable, high-performance fishing hook.

ESP Cryogen Claw Hammer [ Micro Barbed / Barbless ] Key Features:


  • Longer, finer points that are incredibly sharp straight out of the packet
  • 0.1mm wire diameter increase on the 4s and 5s
  • Point length to diameter ratio means the point length is increased in proportion to the wire diameter
  • Maintains an incredibly sharp point even on a relatively heavy wire diameter
  • Heavy forging accentuates the heavier wire gauge
  • Twin tempering process of heat and cryogenic tempering ensures formidable strength
  • Durable with just the right degree of shock absorbing spring’
  • Slick PTFE coating and micro barbs ensure excellent pricking, penetration and secure hook holds
  • Enlarged eye diameters for thick monofilaments with three times through the eye knotless knots
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