ESP Syncro XT (line) 15lb



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The XT of Syncro literally stands for extra tough, indicating that this exceptional monofilament is highly abrasion resistant and durable.

Following its launch in 2011, the original ESP Syncro XT mono has grown to become one of the most widely used and well respected top end mainlines available. And with very good reason, it ticks all the boxes regarding what’s required from a top performing carp mono: unbeatable knot strength, optimum stretch, superb abrasion resistance without being wiry and this relative suppleness makes it a front-runner when it comes to distance casting.

The breaking strain quoted on each spool is an easily achievable knot strength, appropriate to its diameter. However, with carefully tied, mechanically superior knots like the five turn grinner, average breaking strains can be significantly increased.

1000m per spool
Slick surface
Excellent abrasion resistance
Fast sinking
Optimum stretch

Available in:
10lb (0.30mm)
12lb (0.33mm)
15lb (0.37mm)
18lb (0.40mm)

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