ESP White Barrel Bobbin Kit


ESP White Barrel Bobbin Kit

The ESP White Barrel Bobbin Kit is a versatile tool for carp fishing that helps you detect bites. It includes bobbins in seven different colors and interchangeable line clips. The bobbins have a unique barrel shape and two stainless ball chains that can be reversed to add weight. The kit also includes super bright isotopes sleeved in clear PVC tubes. You can use the PTFE bobbin at weights of 5g, 8g or 11g, and the acrylic bobbins at 3g, 6g or 9g, by adding an extra weight. The Metal Head bobbin weighs 15g and can be increased to 21g with an add-on weight. The kit is highly versatile and looks great too!


ESP White Barrel Bobbin Kit contains:

  • Barrel Bobbin
  • Interchangeable ball clips
  • Interchangeable grip clips
  • 3″ and 7″ stainless steel reversible stainless ball chains
  • 3g stainless add-on weight
  • Stainless steel hockey stick


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