Gardner Covert Dark Wide Talaon Tip BARBED Size 4

Gardner Covert Dark Wide Gape Talon Tip Fishing Hooks, Taking this already successful pattern to a new level. By applying a technically advanced, anti-glare plating system, we’ve taken camouflage to a completely new level. The problems associated with pale Teflon coatings – the tendency to rust around the eye, prominence on dark lake beds and added bulk to the hook dimensions – are now eradicated once and for all. Covert stealth plated hooks offer improved camouflage, sharper points and better performance than ever before… The finely-tuned extended gape of the hook increases the hooking power even more, making it deadly in the modern rigs of today. Whilst still incorporating the in-turned beaked point to aid hooking and help prevent blunting of the point in gravelly swims, the Wide Gape Talon Tip also features the 5 degree in-turned eye to help pull the hook home securely and keep it safely in position during the fight. By removing the offset of the original pattern we have improved the hooks ability to prick the instant the hook bait is taken. Constructed from the same bomb proof ultra-strong forged wire of the original so you can be certain that the strength is unparalleled across the size ranges ensuring this hook can confidently be used in the most extreme fishing situations for catching the biggest carp that swim…anywhere.


Gardner Covert Dark Wide Talaon Tip BARBED Size 4

  • No.1 hook to use for fishing near snags or in weed
  • Available in Sizes 4, 6 and in Barbed or Barbless
  • 10 hooks per packet


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