Gardner Rigga CVR Hooks Barbless Size 10


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Gardner Rigga CVR Hooks Barbless 

The CVR pattern is the ultimate evolution of the curved shank hook principle.
The unique shape ensures that the hook twists aggressively the instant the hook bait is taken and once the super sharp long tapered point takes hold the shape ensures that hook holds are amazing, thanks to the alignment between the hook point and the in-turned hook eye. The shape and alignment of the point with the eye also means that these CVR’s excel as a ‘barbless only’ pattern, as the hook holds stay firmly in position in a similar way to a beaked point.

Gardner Rigga CVR Hooks Barbless Size 8 Key Features:

  • Super sharp, long tapered, chemically etched straight point
  • CVRs feature a medium length curved shank
  • Features a wide gape and non reverse bend
  • A 20 in-turned eye ensures optimum hooking performance
  • Can be used with any type of hooklink
  • Recommended 360 rig pattern
  • Dull PTFE Coating reduces corrosion
  • Aids penetration and minimises glare
  • Manufactured in Japan from the finest materials
  • Extra strong double tempered, forged, high carbon steel wire

Gardner Rigga CVR Hooks Barbless Size 10 Key Features:

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