Gardner Stiff-Link 20lb (9.1kg) Low Viz Green 0.50mm



This amazing high memory stiff hooklink material is perfect for creating curved hook sections on Chod Rigs and Hinged Stiff Rigs or tying super stiff boom sections that stay straight, ensuring your rigs lay out straight and untangled. Good untangled presentation will inevitably mean that you catch more carp as most rigs will not be effective if they have twisted or looped up the main line.

GARDNER STIFF-LINK 20lb Key Features

  • Stiff-Link is easy to use and shape
  • With or without having to steam the hooklink
  • Brutally strong
  • With exceptionally high knot strength and abrasion resistance
  • High memory formula retains the profile/shape that you set
  • Opening up lots of rig options
  • Stiff-Link is available in clear and low-viz green colours


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