Korda Krank Rig Size 8 Kamo 15lb


Korda Size 8 Barbed Multi Rigs (KCR084)

The Multi Rig is a superbly versatile rig, which allows the hook to be changed in a flash. They are most often used as pop-up rigs, but can be used with bottom baits too!

They are constructed from Kamo coated braid, which has an effective banded came pattern to help it blend in over all sorts of lake beds.

Tied up with the superb Krank Choddy pattern, which boasts a wide gape and sweeping shank for optimum hooking and landing. The rigs are available in sizes 4,6 and 8 and in barbed and barbless.

  • Ready-tied multi rigs
  • Allow the hook to be changed in seconds!
  • Tied with Kamo coated braid and Krank Choddy hooks


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