Korda Goo Power & Bait Smoke Carp Fishing Glug Liquid Additive – Bubble Gum Goo


A sweet, uplifting, fruity and unbelievably juicy aroma… this is Bubble Gum Supreme Goo! It has a mouth-watering fruity smell that is deceptively potent. Like some of the other super popular Goo (Isotonic and Pineapple) from Kiana, it has a translucent, yellow hue, giving it a subtle colouration that doesn’t dramatically change the appearance of the bait it is added to.

The Bubble Gum Supreme Goo can be used on its own, but also acts as the perfect sweetener. Combine this unique flavour with berry or citrus flavours to create your own custom combinations. For inspiration, just think of your favourite Bubble Gum flavours when you were growing up!


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