Korda Kamakura Choddy [ Micro Barbed / Barbless ]


The Kamakura sharpening process produces a hook point which is every bit as good as a hand-sharpened hook, but without you having to go to all the time and effort involved in doing it yourself. The Kamakura Choddy hook has been specifically designed for use with stiff hook links and rig presentations such as the chod rig or hinged stiff rig, but it can also be used with other pop-up presentations as well. It has an out-turned eye, to help give a continuous curve from the hook link to the hook when using stiff presentations, and the rest of its shape is based upon the iconic Wide Gape pattern, albeit in a slightly thicker wire. It is an incredibly strong hook, with a slightly curved point, and the barb is of a size that doesn’t hinder penetration, but once in, helps the hook stay securely in place. The points are protected by a blob of wax which needs to be carefully removed before use, and they come supplied in a box which holds each individual hook securely in place – you get ten hooks in each box. Barbed and barbless versions are available in size 4, 6, or 8.

Korda Kamakura Choddy [ Micro Barbed / Barbless ] Key Features:

  • Sharpened to an extremely high tolerance
  • Designed for use with fluorocarbon and stiff monofilament hook links
  • Essential for use with Hinged Stiff and Chod rigs
  • Each hook point is consistent
  • Every single hook has the same super sharpness
  • Consistency being the key, getting every point exactly the same
  • The second is a wax coating on the sharpened part of the point
  • This way of covering the tip ensures they stay in the best possible condition
  • Simply push the wax coating off before casting out
  • Youll be fishing with the sharpest hook you can possibly imagine
  • Available in both Barbed and Barbless
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