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Korda Krank Choddy Barbed Size 8


Like the original Krank hook, the Krank Choddy was designed by head of product development, Tom Dove, after he noticed that the shape of the shank would be perfect for chod rig presentations. The Krank Choddy is the same shape as the original Krank, but with an out-turned eye, so that when used with a stiff material such as Mouth Trap there is a continuous curve all the way along the hook link and hook shank, making it the ultimate chod presentation. It has a razor sharp beaked point, which is slightly offset with a very wide gape, to increase the hooking potential and ensure that you get a good hook hold. It is a very strong pattern that is suitable for use in weedy and snaggy situations. It comes in barbed and barbless versions, in sizes 4, 6, 8, or 10, with ten hooks in a packet. 


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