Marine Halibut Luncheon Meat
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Dynamite Marine Halibut Luncheon Meat


Marine Halibut Luncheon Meat by Dynamite Baits

This luncheon meat is combined with Marine Halibut pellets! What carp, barbel, chub or bream could resist? We have specifically made this meat for fishing so it’s low on fat but rich on protein and packed with real Marine Halibut pellets that just ooze flavour into the water. Imagine this on a river!

Made using ultra-low fat meat, which is super durable for  hair-rigging or hooking direct. Great for cutting into cubes for match fishing or just ripping off a chunk when fishing for bigger fish. The meat comes in vacuum sealed packs to retain freshness.

  • Ultra low-fat meat, made specifically for fishing
  • Quick sinking
  • Durable for hair-rigging or hooking direct
  • Packed with flavour to attract big fish
  • 250 grams


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