Prologic Mimicry Mirage XP 15lb 1000m (0.30MM) Brown

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Mirage – which will suit a general and everyday fishing situation.

For the past two years Prologic have invested a lot of time and effort to bring you the unique Mimicry 3D camo technology. With the success of their already popular and award winning clothing range, we are now ready to take it to the next level, with our brand new revolutionary Mimicry 3D camo mono.

A monofilament which boasts, as with all Prologic lines, low diameter, high breaking strain and good abrasions resistance, but now incorporating our Mimicry 3D camo technology. A pattern which cannot be applied to your everyday run of mill monofilament. So only a mono of the highest quality coopolymer is good enough to apply our new Mimicry 3D concept.

With the Mimicry pattern the lines of the profile is totally absorbed into its surroundings and cloaked from the vision of any targeted fish. This can only be achieved by mixing four natural shades and colours and by being applied to the line in a totally random manner, therefore fusing the natural light spectrum and eliminating the outline or presence, of an outside edge.

The evolution of the new Mimicry camo range has begun taking you to the 3rd dimension. To cover every fishing situation we have developed 3 different blends of Mimicry 3D camo mainline, all of them with excellent breaking strength, sinking and reduced stretch.

Prologic Mimicry Mirage XP 15lb 1000m (0.30MM) Brown Key Features:

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