Mitchell Full Runner MX6 9000 Reel


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A compact free spool reel from a range whose reputation has been built on quiet competence, the Mitchell Full Runner MX6 features a short body, with polymeric strength, that provides impressive performance, with a balanced feel on any set up. The MX6 is supplied with a braid-ready spool, which allows braided line to be loaded directly to the spool and tied straight on, with no need to use monofilament to support the braid.

Corrosion resistant ball bearings mean this reel can be used for saltwater fishing, while the custom design handle features a convenient, one-touch folding functionality, with the stylish finishing touch of a rosewood handle.

Available in sizes 5000, 7000, and 9000, this reel is suitable for a range of applications, with a stylish appearance that will look good on any rod setup.

Free spool reels provide easy, flexible fishing, and make an ideal choice for novice anglers, as they’re easy to get to grips with, with a lightweight, balanced feel that gives you the confidence to fish effectively in any situation.