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Preston Absolute Maglok Deep Front Drawer Unit


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Tell Me About It

The Preston Absolute Mag Lok range is designed to offer the complete seatbox storage range, effortlessly taking care of all your tackle, hooklengths, and other small angling essentials, whether you’re in the heat of competition, or just enjoying the day out on the river.

Compatible with all Preston Absolute Seat Boxes, this range gives you more storage, greater flexibility, and a smoother angling experience, whatever species you’re fishing for, from carp to dace, bream to perch, and everything in between.

If you’re a competitive match angler, you’ll love the fact that the Mag Lok range allows you to take far more gear out to your peg, while coarse anglers will appreciate the flexibility to take a range of rigs and hookbaits down to the bank, which gives you the ability to quickly and easily change up your fishing if things aren’t going as you’d hoped.

What Discipline Is It For?

While seat boxes may be more traditionally associated with match angling, they are a versatile angling accessory, and commonly used by coarse anglers on river banks, and on staging platforms around coarse lakes, to great effect.

Why Should I Buy It?

If you’re looking for somewhere to keep a range of tackle items safe, while ensuring that they don’t get tangled up with the rest of the tackle you have stored in your seat box, then the Preston Absolute Mag Lok Deep Front Drawer Unit, which is the largest unit in the Preston seat box accessory range,  is a great way to enhance the storage capacity of your seat box, and ensure your angling is flexible and versatile.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

The fact that this Preston seatbox storage unit is part of a range makes it easy to ensure that every item of seat box tackle storage you buy is fully compatible, and will create a seamless whole which, in conjunction with a good quality seat box, can take your angling to the next level.