Preston ICM Match Cube 20G


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The Preston In-Line Match Cube comes from Preston’s Inter-Change System.  The Inline Match Cubes allow the angler to alternate lead sizes without disassembling the entire rig, and are compatible with the full range of Inter Change System feeders and products.

The match cubes work by the stem remaining on the line allowing the lead to be changed quickly and easily via the centrally located groove. This also ensures your rods are safe when packed away, simply remove your lead and wind in any slack line until the tail rubber rests against the tip ring of your rod.

This quick-changing means that no more fishing leads damaging your rod blank in transit. The Inline Match Cubes cast extremely well and will hold on sloping lake beds making them perfect for casting too far bank features and islands. The inline design also promotes self-hooking as the fish dislodges the heaviest part of the lead first, leading to more fish in the net.

Available in 4 different sizes and supplied in packs of 2: 15g, 20g, 30g, 45g. With solid Zinc Alloy construction and multiple configuration options, the ICS range provides something for every feeder angler.


  • Available in either a 10g or a 20g option, these are superb for any kind of bomb and pellet or straight lead fishing. The 10g version makes a very small ‘plop’ when entering the water, very similar to the noise of a large pellet which can help attract fish. The 20g version can be used where extra distance is required.
  • Able to be interchanged with any other similar named product in the range, making them superb when clipping up before you start fishing.
  • 2 per pack

Preston ICM Match Cube 20G Key Features:

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