Preston ICS In-Line Match Cube 30g


  • These cast extremely well and will hold on sloping lake beds making them perfect for casting over to far features and islands. The design also promotes self-hooking as the fish dislodges the heaviest part, leading to more fish in the net.
  • As part of the Inter Change System they allow the angler to alternate sizes without disassembling the entire rig and are compatible with the full range of Inter Change System feeders and products.
  • The stem remains behind, allowing the main body to be changed quickly and easily via the centrally located groove. This also ensures your rods are safe when packed away, simply remove and wind in any slack until the tail rubber rests against the tip ring of your rod. No more are they damaging your rod blank in transit.
  • The Inter Change System’ is a new dimension in feeder fishing. A comprehensive collection of feeders, bombs and associated products that allow the angler to alternate feeder sizes and weights without disassembling the entire rig.


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