Preston Monster Light 11′


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NEW Preston Monster Feeder Rods, 11ft Feeder, Light, Size: 3 Piece

  • Designed in conjunction with Dutch international angler Arnout van de Stadt
  • Made with the European angler in mind
  • Packs away to a compact size
  • Large feeder guides are braid compatible
  • The blanks blend seamlessly in to the quivertip
  • Three specially chosen quivertips are supplied with each rod

Tell Me About It

With a range that covers almost every aspect of coarse fishing, these Monster Feeder Rods from Preston Innovations are designed to give you the power to perform, whether you’re fishing commercial venues, rivers, or still waters, and whatever size and species of fish has caught your attention, and fired your imagination.

Available in 10ft to 13ft lengths, the casting weights for each rod are clearly marked, allowing you to choose the right tool for your fishing, and enjoy responsive, balanced action, with the strength to deliver.

From the line guides to the reel seat, these rods have been designed to a low-profile standard, which helps ensure optimum performance, and impeccable responsiveness. The low-profile reel seat sits closer to your hand, making it easier to fish, and allowing you to respond to changes in the water quickly and smoothly, while the low-profile line guides give a seamless presentation, and help prevent tangles and crack offs.

The guides are larger than usual, making them fully compatible with braided mainline, and all of the high quality blanks blend seamlessly with the specially chosen quiver tips that are supplied with each rod in the Monster Feeder Range.

What Discipline Is It For?

With a rod for every aspect of coarse fishing, this is a highly versatile range from Preston, that should be top of your wish-list, if it’s not already in your online basket, or ready for you to collect from your local Angling Direct store!

Why Should I Buy It?

If you’re looking for a rod that feels custom-made for you and your fishing, but you want to avoid a custom price tag, then this sleek, stylish range of high-performance rods is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Crafted for performance, designed for comfort, these rods are everything your angling dreams are made of, giving you a feel that’s effortless to handle all day long, and a performance you can rely on session after session, no matter how hot the action gets.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

The feel of a custom rod, at a fraction of the price – a revolution for your coarse fishing.