Proper Carp Baits Gold Seal Range Boilies 20KG


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This is a high quality fishmeal bait that just like the Red Seal, has been produced using only the best ingredients on the market. Brown/Grey in colour, this subtle garlic and blue cheese “food bait” contains LT94 fishmeal as well as a pre-digested fishmeal. High protein milk powders, fenugreek, wheatgerm to aide digestion, cheese and garlic powders and a certain special active ingredient are also present. Essential oils, Esters and Oleoresins together with a water soluble fish oil high in amino acids finish off this rather special, highly digestible, soluble bait. This really is a boilie of the highest quality.

Black Seal frozen boilies are available in 14mm, 16mm and 18mm and come supplied in 5 kilo bags.

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14mm, 16mm, 18mm

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Frozen, Shelf Life