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Ridge Monkey Descend Sinking Braid 0.28mm/20lb 1000m


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Our original braided main line was a winner and highly popular with anglers far and wide. But never happy sitting on our laurels we’ve gone one step further to improve, what was already highly regarded as one of the best sinking braid main lines available on the market.
Descend is a super-fast sinking braid, this is thanks to the round profile and low diameter it offers, making it ideal for use as a main line when fishing at distance and well-equipped to cope with the rigours of even the toughest of conditions, thanks to its superior abrasion resistance, while offering virtually zero stretch. Weed green in colour and available in 0.28mm (20lb/9.1kg) and 0.35mm (30lb/13.6kg) diameters on spools of 1000m.
Super-fast sinking
Virtually zero stretch
Highly abrasion resistant
Low diameter
1000m spool
Available in 0.28mm (20lb/9.1kg) and 0.35mm (30lb/13.6kg)