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Ridge Monkey Line Control Arm


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Lose the need for an extra pair of hands when placing hookbaits with an open bail arm – the RidgeMonkey Line Control Arm is designed to fit snugly on most Big Pit style reels and the extension arm will keep your line from spilling off the spool. Primarily designed for use when placing rigs with a baitboat, the Line Control Arm can also be used in any situation when you need to keep a small amount of tension while retaining a free flow of line – fishing from a hulled boat, walking lines down the bank, open bail predator fishing etc.

Foam lined arm prevents line damage 
Folding outer clamp for easy storage 
Robust polypropylene construction
Reduces line twist – no clutch needed
Approximate Dimensions: Spool diameter 70mm x L105mm (open) H 33mm x W 65mm x L105mm (folded) 
Note 1: the Line Control Arm comes with adhesive backed foam strips to adjust diameter if required 
Note 2: the arm removes from the spool clamp for storage purposes