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Savage Gear LB Cannibal Curltail & Shad Soft Lure Bundle, 16 lures, 12.5 – 15cm


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16 Soft Lures from 12.5 – 15cm weighting 10 – 33 grams
We only have 40 of these sets available, and at this price they wont last long. Make sure you get yours before they’re all gone!!!
Top up your Perch, Zander and Pike lure boxes up with this awesome selection of some of the most successful Savage Gear soft lures which have ever been produced.
Savage Gear’s LB Cannibal Shads and Curltails have been responsible for catching some of the biggest Perch, Zander & Pike of all time, and continue catching them today. With super swimming action which can be used at very slow speeds sending out flashes and vibrations these lures are hugely versatile and incredibly effective. Perfect for Perch, Zander and Pike alike.
We’ve put together a perfect bundle of colours and sizes.
The Bundle includes 4 X 15cm LB Cannibal Lures (33 grams), 6 x 12.5cm LB Cannibal Lures (20 grams) & 6 x 12.5cm LB Cannibal Curltail Lures (10 grams)
Colours Include Dirty Roach, Perch, Red Head, LBS & Golden Ambulance