Sticky Baits –  Bloodworm Pellets [ Multiple Size & Weights ]

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Anyone who has seen any of the legendary Korda Underwater DVDs will have seen first-hand how effective these pellets are at pulling fish into your swim and getting them feeding. These are one of the most popular and devastatingly effective pellets ever produced!

Sticky’s most famous product is the original and best Bloodworm Pellet which kick-started the bloodworm revolution many years ago. Many firms have tried to imitate their idea, but none have succeeded, these Bloodworm Pellets firmly remain the market leader.

Sticky give a complete food source, low oil pellet a unique two stage secret coating. The outer coating breaks away from the pellet and sends food particles and signals up through the water column to pull any fish towards the baited area. The second coating leaks out a dense dark red cloud of bloodworm goodness that clings to the lakebed of the baited area. They can also be ‘balled up’ with the addition of a liquid, which makes them ideal for moulding round a method feeder. Over the years we have constantly worked on these pellets to ensure that they are produced to the highest possible quality. Bloodworm play a vital role in the natural diet of the carp we all fish for, so what better way is there to try and catch them then by using something they have a natural instinct to consume without fear or caution? Countless people report the best feeding response they have ever experienced after using these Bloodworm Pellets for the first time. Can you afford not to try them?

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