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Thinking Anglers C-CLIP BUFFER BEADS GREEN (10)


Founded by Ben Hamilton and Steve Fantauzzi in 2005, Thinking Anglers is a fishing tackle manufacture with the view to design a range of tackle for the angler who did not want to be burdened with a whole host of kit. The phrase ‘just the right kit’ has been banded around its office for the last decade, inspiring the designing and manufacturing of kit that is essential to the modern angler’s collection. Producing predominately for the carp fishing industry, the company also has a range designed with predator angling in mind.

These super small, C-shaped clips from Thinking Anglers is a necessary piece of kit in order to improve your casting experience. Enables tough skinned baits like mackerel/eel sections to be lightly hooked. By attaching the C-clip to your trace system allows a vigorous cast to be made without needing to bury hooks in the tough skin of the bait, thereby avoiding the risk of not being able to strike the hooks into the pike’s jaw.

The little plastic ‘C’ clips designed to replace ‘rotten bottom lead attachments for chod and helicopter rigs. These casting clips are most commonly used to keep dowel pins in place. They allow rotation but restrict the lateral movement of shafts and dowel pins. This will keep the lead from simply bouncing or falling out the clip during the cast or as the lead hits the surface of the water.

An important benefit of using the C-clips is that they enable you to release your lead when it gets snagged or weeded up during a fight with a fish. This makes a reliable lead discharge system for rigs by creating a system that would be more dependable than simply tying a few overhand knots in a piece of 3lb or 4lb monofilament which many find to be inconsistent and unreliable.

Two versions are available; one which releases at 3lb pressure, and the other which releases at 6lb pressure. The clips are also available in a pack of 20 so you get plenty to work with and all are attached to a strip of plastic that you can easily snap off when you are ready to use them.

So for a lot of benefits during the rig’s flight, consider adding a C-Clip to your tackle collection.

Key Features

  • Small, C-shaped clips
  • Use to release your lead
  • Great for use when it gets snagged
  • Or weeded up during a fight
  • Two versions are available
  • One which releases at 3lb pressure
  • The other which releases at 6lb pressure
  • 20 supplied per packet
  • Includes 5 pieces of silicone sleeving


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