A super stiff version of Ultra Skin for specialist anglers that want to achieve exacting control of the way the finished rig lies on the lake bed.* The rigidity makes Stiff Ultra Skin absolutely ideal to use with a multitude of hookbaits and stiff rig terminal arrangements. * The additional ‘stiffness’ effectively kicks out standard bottom baits, and when straightened (steamed) sets straight helping to alleviate tangles. * A key technical advantage of a stiff hooklink is the fact that it enhances the all important rig reaction speed as the pivot point is set rigidly at the nearest supple point to the hook end of the hooklink (this is the start of the stripped portion or a broken skin hinge point in a Stiff Ultra Skin hooklink). * This amazing material offers this key rigidity without compromising knot strength or affecting the manner in which knots are formed. * This means that the skin does not rupture when pulled down tight on a well tied ‘figure of 8’ Loop Knot. * In real angling terms we recommend that you choose Stiff Ultra Skin in circumstances where you are confident the lakebed is clear of debris and relatively flat so it does not kick up. * This means that ‘clean’ silt, clay patches, sand and gravel etc are ideal substrates to fish over. If you fish over spots that are a bit dirtier its important to think about the lead arrangement and how to ensure the rig can lay flay, unimpeded by debris or lumpy rocky ground. Conversely, if the lake bed is soft then the lead arrangement needs to ensure the hooklink does not hold up as the lead penetrates into the substrate. * Get it right though and you can create a wide variety of hinged and combi ‘style’ rigs that simply function better. * The matt finish of Stiff Ultra Skin helps the material blend into the aquatic environment. Of course this is also helped by the fact that the material sinks well, and is more likely to settle flush to the lake bed. Colours of the skin and core are matched to help maintain this excellent camouflage in completed rigs.* Stiff Ultra Skin strips cleanly and will not rupture whilst tightening down a well tied ‘figure of 8’ loop knot. * The unique polymer mix used in the skin means that Stiff Ultra Skin straightens easily and sets rigidly when steamed. * Available in Green Brown and Silt (black). * 25lb Breaking Strain. * 20m spools.


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