Wychwood T Bar Digital Scales – (60lbs)


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Wychwood T-Bar Fishing Scales Mk2

Experience the ultimate convenience and accuracy with the Wychwood T-Bar Fishing Scales Mk2. This compact, lightweight, and highly accurate weighing tool is designed to make short work of weighing your prized catch while always ensuring impeccable precision. Suitable for carp, specimen, sea or coarse anglers, the Wychwood T-Bar Scales are an indispensable addition to your tackle collection.

The Wychwood T-Bar Scales boast a hard-wearing construction that is designed to provide unrivalled performance and last a lifetime. These durable scales will serve you well through countless fishing trips, allowing you to quickly and easily weigh your catch with confidence. With a maximum weighing capacity of 60lb, these scales are ideal for anglers targeting a wide variety of fish species.

The innovative T-Bar design of the Wychwood Scales ensures exceptional ease of use. The handlebars allow for effortless lifting and weighing of your catch, making this the ultimate fishing scale solution. Unlike traditional fishing scales without handles, which can be awkward and cumbersome when lifting heavy fish, the T-Bar design offers improved fish care while the fish is suspended for those crucial few seconds. This not only guarantees accurate readings but also ensures the well-being of your catch during the weighing process.

Powered by 2 AAA batteries, the Wychwood T-Bar Fishing Scales Mk2 are always ready to go when you need them. The easy-to-read digital display shows the weight in both kilograms and pounds, allowing you to quickly determine the size of your catch and record your personal bests. The intuitive user interface makes it simple to switch between units and zero the scale for precise measurements.

Some common customer concerns include ease of use, accuracy, and durability. The Wychwood T-Bar Scales address these issues head-on, with a user-friendly design that guarantees perfect accuracy and a robust build that ensures a lifetime of reliable performance. The compact size and lightweight nature of the scales make them easy to carry in your tackle box, so you’ll never be without this essential angling tool.

The Wychwood T-Bar Fishing Scales Mk2 are the ultimate weighing solution for anglers of all disciplines. With their compact and lightweight design, quick and simple operation, and unparalleled accuracy, these scales will become an essential part of your fishing arsenal. The T-Bar design ensures better fish care and ease of use, while the hard-wearing construction guarantees a lifetime of exceptional performance. 

Wychwood T Bar Digital Scales – (60lbs) Key Features:

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