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Carp Fishing Bait

Choosing The Right Carp Bait When Starting Carp Fishing
If you can locate carp properly, you can catch them on pretty much anything. That being said, you want to be using a bait that it’s nutritionally attractive to the fish.

When it comes to fishing, boilies are still the most popular bait for targeting carp of all sizes on venues up and down the country, big and small. Companies such as DNA Baits, Dynamite Baits, Mainline Baits & Sticky Baits are accounting for lots of captures every year, it is clear to see why they are still a firm favourite amongst carp anglers.

First used in the 1980s, these baits have come a long way since then and are available in many different sizes, colours and flavours. The baits come either frozen or as a preserved bait known as a ‘shelf-life’, and which one is the most suitable comes down to the type of angling you do and the facilities you have available. As time has evolved Carp Fishing Popups & other hook-baits have become popular and expanding the way you fish.