ESP BuoyantBoilie Pink Nut Mix


With the increasing prevalence of crayfish in many venues, we have been asked to mould our artificial buoyant boilies to match some of the more popular food bait colours ¢‚¬€œ and crucially make them look ¢‚¬Ëœwashed out¢‚¬„¢ to mimic the freebies. So rather than being limited to fluoro artificials, a more subtle ¢‚¬Ëœmatch the hatch¢‚¬„¢ presentation is now easily achieved.


The new colours comprise red fishmeal, brown fishmeal, nut mix and the ever popular washed-out pink. They are sold in mixed packs of red fish & brown fish and nut mix & pink. Each pack contains 8 baits of each colour in four sizes. So in each colour there is 2 x 12mm, 2 x 13mm, 2 x 14mm and 2 x 15mm.


We have moulded these boilies as buoyant as we can possibly get them and they are suitable for balancing a variety of popular rigs. They can be made even more buoyant by heating a 6mm Nut Drill and coring out the bait then adding a 6mm cork stick and trimming flush with the bait. They can also be soaked in flavours to add an extra degree of attraction. The boilies feature a hair stop recess and include hairstops, they can also be attached using a metal bait screw so can easily be fished on the Trig-Hammer Ronnie Rigs or Cryogen Chod Rigs.


The rubbery material is tough and durable and resistant to the attentions of crayfish, giving peace of mind that there is still a bait on the rig!



  • 16 per packet (four sizes)
  • 2 x 12mm, 2 x 13mm, 2 x 14mm and 2 x 15mm
  • Tough
  • Super bright
  • Super buoyant for plastic, which has a ceiling on how buoyant it can be
  • Can be drilled out with a hot bait drill and plugged with cork to give cork-ball level buoyancy


Available in:

  • Red Fishmeal / Brown Fishmeal
  • Nut Mix / Washed out Pink


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