Hinge Rig Choddy 4 MT 25lb – IQ2 20lb


Some anglers are daunted when it comes to tying more complicated rigs like the Hinge Rig, but now you needn’t be, as you can buy a ready-tied version that is set up in exactly the same way as top anglers from Korda would tie their own. The Hinge Rig is a great set-up for fishing pop-ups further off of the bottom (compared to a Spinner Rig) and you can rest assured that it won’t be tangled and will always be fishing effectively, as long as the bottom is clean, thanks to the stiff boom section which pushes it away from your lead and allows it to reset if it gets picked up and dropped by a carp. It is constructed from Mouth Trap to a Choddy hook at the business end, which is curved perfectly to give the best hooking potential, and a boom made from IQ fluorocarbon, so it is unobtrusive on the lake bed.

Hinge Rig Choddy 4 MT 25lb – IQ2 20lb Key Features:

  • Allows you all to harness the power of the hinges
  • Tied to Danny Fairbrass’ exacting standards
  • The hook section is beautifully curved
  • Allows the hook to spin into prime hooking position
  • IQ boom will kick the hook bait away from the lead on the cast
  • ensuring perfect presentation every time
  • The rigs are available with hook sizes 4, 6 and 8
  • Available in both barbed or barbless
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