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The Hook Bead is useful for a wide range of different rigs – pretty much anything where a rig ring or micro swivel is used on the hook! Although this is a very simple item of tackle, a lot of thought has gone into making the Hook Bead as perfect as it can be. They grip incredibly well and you can rest assured that they will remain exactly where you have positioned them without the need for any glue, but once a fish is hooked they will slide round to the eye if necessary. The tapered shape with a flat end ensures that a ring or swivel will sit flush to them and can’t get stuck in place or effect its ability to freely slide up and down the hook as you require. They come attached to a central stem – with ten Hook Beads per stem – which makes it very easy to slide them onto the hook, even with cold fingers, and then simply pull the individual bead away from the stem once it is in place. A large version is also available and is designed for use with larger sized hooks and will more easily fit over the barb. They will fit any hook in the Korda range from size 2-10, and you get 20 of them in a packet. 

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