Korda Spinner Rig Size 6 – Barbless – 25lb – Twin pack


Korda Spinner Rig Size 6 Barbless

These Spinner rigs across the range are constructed in exactly the same way as any of our top anglers would do it and features a 5.5” Boom hook link with either a Krank, Kurv Shank or Spinner hook attached via one of our Spinner Swivels which has been crimped on to provide a very strong connection.

At the other end is a crimped loop which can be attached to any of our quick-change style systems. The rig can be used multiple times simply by changing the hook, which is very easy to do. There is a choice of size 4 or 6 hooks (with size 5 available in Spinner Hook version), in barbed or barbless and each packet contains one rig.

Korda Spinner Rig Size 6 Barbless Key Features:

  • 5.5″ Boom
  • Spinner Swivel
  • Super Sharp Spinner Hook

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